Friday, August 10, 2012

Want to Smart Kid? Keep away from Junk Food

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Today's parents tend to be lazy attention to nutrition for children is in its infancy. Parents tend to feed their children with practical but not processed foods contain different nutrients they need as well as junk food.

Yet a study in Australia revealed that infants and children who were fed with junk food will show a lower IQ than babies and children who were given a healthy diet.

The study, led by Lisa Smithers of the University of Adelaide Public Health studied the link between eating habits in children at age 6 months, 15 months and 2 years as well as their IQ at age 8 years.

Studies involving more than 8,000 children found that children eating a variety of patterns, ranging from the traditional diet of processed food in the house, ready to eat baby food, milk and junk food.

"A diet that will determine the supply of nutrients needed for the development of brain tissue in the first two years of his life and purpose of this study is to see what impact the diet with the IQ of children," said Smithers as reported from zeenews, Thursday (9/8 / 2012).

"From this study we found that children who were breastfed at the age of 6 months and have a routine of healthy diet with foods such as nuts, cheese, fruit and vegetables at the age of 15 and 24 months proved to have an IQ two points higher than the children who are regularly fed with biscuits, chocolate, candy, soft drinks and chips in the first two years of his life when both were aged 8 years, "said Smithers.

"We also found that the baby is ready to eat food that is given when children aged 6 months to give a negative impact on IQ of children is concerned, but surprisingly, when the age of 24 months, there are some positive effects derived from these foods," he concluded.

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