Friday, August 10, 2012

6 things people are not willing to have sex

Sex is not everyone's priority. In certain circumstances, people often give up and throw away the desire for sexual intercourse. This was echoed by a recent survey stating that 43 percent of men will sacrifice their sex lives in order to keep their jobs.

The survey involved 700 men aged 21-50 are single and married years. In this survey, respondents were asked to make difficult choices that the loss of 'manhood' or his career.

But in fact other than a career, there are six other things that make everyone, whether forced or not, preferring to rule out sex life. For more details, see the explanation as quoted from huffingtonpost, Thursday (28/6/2012) below.

1. More Sexy body
A survey of SHAPE magazine and FitSugar stated 68 percent of women would sacrifice their sex lives to at least change his body to be thinner for a month.

2. iPhone
Recently a survey shows that smartphone like the iPhone make users addicted. 15 percent of participants claimed to prefer to sacrifice their sex lives rather than having to spend time without playing iPhone over the weekend.

3. Night of Beauty Sleep
Sometimes you just need enough sleep. A survey launched The Better Sleep Council found that 12 percent of Americans would be willing to sacrifice their sex lives for the sake of a better quality of sleep.

4. Facebook
It seems that many women are actually affected by the existence of the social networking site. A survey performed Cosmopolitan magazine found that 20 percent of women would prefer not to have sex for a week instead of having to miss the photo updates his friends on Facebook.

5. Internet Access
As many as 21 percent of people would rather not have sex than to have lost internet access for a year. This was revealed by a report from Boston Consulting Group.

6. Favorite Food
It turned out that eating it can beat the desire for sexual intercourse. A survey performed in February 2012 by Bon Appetit magazine found that 75 percent of people will sacrifice their sex lives in order to eat her favorite food.

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