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Shorter Age Men Tend wanted Dead By Sex For

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Researchers have long known that the age of the average woman lives longer than men. Apparently, one reason is because the men would die for sex.

Higher mortality rates in men are motivated by competition for mates.

A researcher from the University of Michigan named Daniel Kruger explained that the low male life expectancy could be due to sex.

Women are more likely to invest and restraint in matters of reproduction so that the male then tends to compete with other men to get married and the couple tried to make himself look good in the eyes of women.

"This competition leads to a risky strategy for both men and resulted in high mortality. If competition for mates is responsible for the death of a man, the more competition for mates, the male death rates tend to be higher," said Kruger, asister professor in the School of Public Health University of Michigan as reported by, Friday (08/03/2012).

In the present study, Kruger shows that there are two factors that influence the level of competition in men who contributed to the high level of risk taking and death.

The first factor is the polygamy, the social situation in which a man maintaining sexual relations with many women.

Several species of primates doing a lot of polygamy, which is the dominant males of marrying a mostly female and other males in the group left.

Human cultures have different kinds of polygamy. Kruger found that the more polygamy, the higher the death rate of men.

In the culture of polygamy, he would have a big advantage if it becomes dominant, one of many couples get married. Men are not dominant can not choose a partner or even married couples do not get left.

The second factor is the level of economic inequality. In the selection of a partner, a man judged by how much the investment of its resources. This investment will bring benefits to the offspring. Widened the gap between the rich and the poor, the more likely an increase in male mortality rates.

A man who has resources such as money, home and financial security are more likely to find sexual partners.

In both cases, there is a gap between the top and bottom, between the dominant male or at least not with a man rich or poor dominant.

"Loss of position in the polygamist community or have a weak economy means lost almost all chance of finding a sexual partner. Moreover, two factors are related because the person who gets the lion's share of economic wealth is often almost synonymous with being a dominant male," Kruger said.

In a competition where the winner gets it all, very few men who want to give in and will try to risk everything to get to the top.

But in a society which further supports monogamy, then take the risk attitude is not going to be so extreme. As a result, the mortality rate as high as a man would not be in polygamous communities.

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