Thursday, August 09, 2012

How to Make Passion Not Missing At Intimate

Sexual arousal is the passionate could disappear instantly when the couple do certain things. For that to know what not to do when having sex.

Sexual relationship with a partner can provide many health benefits such as reducing stress, lowering high blood pressure and others.

But if someone makes a mistake during sex, then sex can be lost in an instant.

Here are some things you should not do when making love, as quoted from TimesofIndia, Thursday (09/08/2012), namely:

1. Do not kiss the moment of penetration

Believe it or not many people, including women who do not kiss their partner while penetrating. This is because the position or someone who does not allow the spirit to reach climax too so it later can disrupt the rhythm. However, this kiss is recommended while doing foreplay.

2. Bite before the couple is ready

Many people enjoy an aggressive partner like the bite of certain parts. Though biting parts of the body before the couple aroused can cause pain and discomfort. Make sure your partner is completely happy and excited before the start bit of the body such as neck, ear or shoulder.

3. Do not pay attention to other parts

Most people focus more on the vagina, penis or breasts, but there are other body parts that can stimulate a person's sexual arousal. Cpbalah play with other body parts such as knee, wrist, back and stomach that can become erogenous zone for men and women.

4. Burden on the spouse too

If you are in a position above the body of the couple should be careful not to charge the couple, because these conditions make a couple blocked or impede their ability to breathe which ultimately lowers the sex drive.

5. Climax too soon or too late
This is especially for men, required a good control of the muscles so that they can ejaculate at the right Waku. Too quickly can make the couple are not satisfied, whereas if it is too slow to make the couple feel bored. To avoid this, play time during foreplay.

6. Have sex like a porn video

Although some couples enjoy raunchy sex, but it would be wise to talk about this in advance to the couple. Because if a partner does not like it then most likely these activities will not end happily.

7. No sound

Something as simple as a bit of moaning, groaning or saying something like 'that it feels better' could encourage someone more passionate. Whereas if a person remains calm silent, making the couple feel he was enjoying himself.

Source : detikhealth

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