Thursday, August 09, 2012

How To Control Sexual Arousal

Someone who has high sexual arousal is not necessarily a problem if you know how to synchronize it with your partner. If not, it will be a problem because the mind will continue to be plagued by fantasies about sex.

An overactive sex drive can lead to frustration. Therefore, you need to take control of sexual arousal in order not to overdo it.

As reported by the onlymyhealth, Wednesday (06/27/2012), the following are things you can do to control the height of sexual arousal, namely:

1. Consult with your doctor

Discuss the condition of your sex drive is very high with the doctor in question, especially if accompanied by other medical conditions. Excessive sexual desire called hypersexuality which may be a symptom of a medical condition such as nymphomania, satyriasis, bipolar disorder or adrenal cancer.

If the doctor does not find a particular medical condition underlying the high sex drive, immediately live treatment to a psychologist.

2. Avoid sexual stimuli like watching porn

If your libido high, avoid watching porn to control your sexual desire. With the stimulus of the things that pornography, the more overwhelmed you control your sexual desire. This can make working concentration disturbed by the thoughts that lead to sexual intercourse.

3. Wake of social relations

You need to build non-sexual relationship with another person as a brake on excessive sexual desire you. Busy themselves with a new hobby such as sports or social activities in order to follow your mind is not constantly focused on sex.

4. Strengthen spiritual relationship

People who are constantly improving the quality of spiritual and religious every day to cope with hypersexuality. Hypersexuality cause you often daydream about dirty things, better use of leisure time in prayer or other spiritual activities.

5. Modifying the diet

Changes in diet can also help you control excessive sexual desire. Soy helps reduce testosterone levels, which can reduce libido.

Eat foods low in fat can also help reduce testosterone levels. Meat products such as beef, chicken, and turkey are also contributing to high levels of testosterone, so its consumption should be limited.

6. Avoiding alcohol and drugs

People who are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, his mind contains only the fun things including sex. Therefore, avoid the consumption of alcohol and drugs to control your sexual desire.

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