Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rihanna Posing Nude For Men Magazine Cover

Singer Rihanna re-create the sensation. He has appeared naked for the cover of men's magazine, Esquire. November 2011 issue of the magazine featured him naked with a few strands of seaweed stuck to his body. Makeup and hair was made ​​like he was just swimming in the sea.

Seductive and natural, implied that was the impression of this latest photo. In the magazine, Rihanna also gave a little story about her break with her ​​former lover, Chris Brown.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, Rihanna is no longer angry at Chris and still like him as a great musician. In 2009, Chris Brown on probation after an act of violence against Rihanna. Singer of 'Umbrella' itself acknowledges its relationship with Chris just a waste of time.

After the incident, Rihanna Chris nevertheless support for rehabilitation and was pleased to see her ex career has become more radiant. "I would not expect bad things happen to him. Never," he told Esquire magazine that will be published on 16 October.


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