Saturday, October 22, 2011

Characteristics of Girl Sex Addicts

Almost all the boys will like sex, so do not need anymore diomongin disini.Nah now, talking about ya girl! Wrote a little leaked information for you, what exactly traits - traits the girl who has become a sex addict? Perhaps - we can just for information for you guys who want to take advantage of this kind of sex addict girls, did pretty dapet - what part dapet so, uh .. he .. But do not manfaatin nice girl - well yes! Go see, this is characteristic - in true girl sex addict:
1. Like Watching Porno

If a guy like watching a porn movie anyway fair, the guys brain Quote Parno all its contents, but if the girl already started watching demen nookie, the girls found out deh not wrong.

2. ask for sex
Girl asks her boyfriend to make love to one of sexual aberrations which usually does not occur in girls - girls in general, except in America sono noh! was reasonable.

3. Always Carry Tools
The tool is meant here instead of visual aids such as eyeglasses and the like! but a kind of sexual aids sex toys devices. If a girl likes to wear sex toys as a complement of accessories during sex with her boyfriend, already bener - bener deh anyway ..

4. Fantasize With Other People / Someone
When a girl having sex with her ​​boyfriend, and the girls are always fantasize like I was making love with someone else who is more muscular, or imagined himself as her boyfriend having sex with another girl and it made him more excited, Yups .. he a sex addict girl who already severe. Virgin hometown Oct. 12, 2011


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