Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good people do not fit to be leader

A person who is selfish personality may not be popular in a contest. Selfishness would be nice in the workplace because it allows you to be a leader. But nature also makes a person a leader prone to corruption.

One study found that those who work selflessly, with the most preferred type of personality, is seen as a less attractive candidate to be a leader and overlooked for promotion. Altruistic tendencies regarded as a sign of weakness.
The study, from the Kellogg School of Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Carnegie Mellon University, it aims to find the type of personality related to leadership, Tuesday (11/10).

In a series of three experiments, participants are placed in groups. The researchers then analyzed the behavior of their
The results showed that those with a friendly personality is most popular in the group, but they are also considered to be weak or gullible. Those who have behavior that is more dominant and aggressive personality is seen as the alpha.
Assistant to the study's authors, Robert Livingston, from the Kellogg School, told "Being selfish makes you appear more dominant and become dominant makes you look more attractive as a leader, especially when there is competition.
"On a subconscious level, one finds the same kindness with weakness".
Dr. Livingston believes that the tendency to connect these properties with the leadership may explain why we corruption. "People are more likely to be moral, good and socialize at least might be selected for leadership roles," he said.
"That raises the possibility of corruption and irregularities because we've got the wrong people in leadership positions."

Rob Kaplan, a former official at Goldman Sachs and now a professor at Harvard Business School, disagrees with the concept of personality to become a leader. "I do not believe that quality that makes people to work as a leader," he explained.
He explains, strong values ​​and ideals that tend to make them potentially become a leader. "I'm not saying you should become a good man or woman to become CEO, but I think you should have the integrity, values, and work together, advance the people," he said. (Dailymail / MEL)

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