Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to Beautify Organ Intimate in the Strange way ?

Today beauty treatments are not only limited to the face only, area sex organs also become a major focus some women.

This is usually done for the more satisfying your partner during lovemaking. Well, here are some beauty treatments female sex organs are considered extreme:

The process of enlightenment or chemical skin bleaching is usually performed to make the skin on Miss V brighter. This treatment is not recommended sexual health experts.
Any type of bleaching potentially cause irritation, blisters and even burn. Although many do not have complaints, but should think twice if you want to do the bleaching at Miss V.

Hair coloring is often done to enhance Miss V, cover gray hair or give a shock at the time the couple would make love in those special moments. The skin around the vital organs are more sensitive than the scalp, so are more susceptible to irritation.
If you want to dye your hair Miss V, you should first test on other sensitive body parts, such as the armpit. If no reaction, then the hair coloring Miss V could have been done.

One extreme way to decorate Miss V is the menindikkan earrings. Usually performed on the clitoris, inner labia, outer labia or perineum.
Piercing of the genital organs is very risky cause infection if the equipment used is not hygienic. Need special attention in the care of the pierced vagina and take immediate action in case of red-red, swollen, or other reactions.

plastic surgery
Surgery is performed to change the shape of Miss V, such as shortening and form the labia or vaginal tightening. This operation is of course high risk, and surgery can leave scars, permanent damage and nerve damage that can be painful.

Vajazzling area is graced by Miss V or rhinestone jewelry. After waxing, the sparkling jewelry will be placed in the growth of the pubic hairline. Although claimed to be safe, but no explanation of how the skin will react to the adhesive material.

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