Sunday, June 12, 2011

The French Health Tips

The Frenchman is known for his sleek, facial skin fresh and smooth and easy to enjoy life. Over the last six decades France has recognized the healthy lifestyle that makes its citizens can enjoy life.

What's the secret health French? As reported by Askmen, Sunday (6/12/2011), here are 8 tips on healthy people who may be a few French can be replicated.

1. Reduce the portion sizes you eat

Compared to Americans, the French have a size smaller food portions. French dining style similar to Japanese people who eat in small portions. Many people unknowingly overeat especially when food is eaten so tasty on the tongue. If excessive food intake, the risk also contain more cholesterol.

2. Many on foot

The French rarely use the car if it is not too important. French people prefer to walk away when buying food or to the station when going to work or ride a bike whenever possible. Facts have shown at medium speed walking is one of aerobic exercises that can prevent cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke).

3. Limiting intake of trans fats (bad fats)

Trans fats are found in many processed foods that are unhealthy foods. Trans fats can also make the stomach look bloated. That is why the French look slim because of limiting trans fat intake. Trans fats are found in many junk foods and snack foods.

4. Avoiding processed foods

Processed foods as an alternative food many people in the world because it's easier and faster to cook. Unfortunately tinngi processed foods contain salt, high sugar and trans fat that makes it delicious. Although processed foods is now a choice of many people in the world, the French still prefer fresh foods like vegetables and fruits that are then diolahnya own.

5. Enjoying a glass of red wine every day

Although the French eat high-calorie meat and protein, but the French still have a healthy body and is rarely affected by heart disease. It is said that the secret is to drink a glass of red wine a day. Although somewhat difficult to prove scientifically, but French people drinking wine are believed to have contributed to the body healthy.

6. Eat on time and rarely snack

The French make sure that they will eat regularly alias on time because they believe it will make the body can digest food properly. Rare French people who snack at night, although the habit is fun but in the long term could have a negative impact on your health. The French rarely eat a snack-foods and choosing fruits for snack.

7. Always find ways to reduce stress

It's no secret that the French are known as people who can enjoy life. Good friends, family and food is the focus of the French so that when the stress they are not alone. Taking the time to cook healthy meals is one that done to reduce stress.

8. Food as a venue for socializing

Unlike Americans who eat quickly, the French vice-versa. Food is really enjoy the slower pace that is sometimes used as the arena while bersosilisasi. Eating slowly can make people do not eat too much because the brain also needs some time to make sure the body is satisfied.

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