Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wow, Scientists Prepare the Human Brain

Oxford - The development of science allows people to create an artificial brain for the first time, in just 10 years into the future. Similarly, claims Swiss scientists who are members of the Blue Brain Project.

The scientists who joined in the project is the first time try-create an artificial brain with their repeated nature of the billions of neurons of the brain with the help of computers.

The plan, synthetic human brain that will be created that will be studied to understand how sensory information from the outside world are interpreted and stored. In addition, as a new way to study brain diseases without the need to experiment on animals.

Speaking at Oxford University, England, professor Henry Markham as project director claim to have successfully simulated the brain neocortex, the part is growing rapidly to deal with social situations.

They mengkreasi 3D simulation of about 10,000 brain cells to mimic the properties of rat brain neocortex. This step makes them optimistic beginning to make the human brain with the exact same function with the original brain within the next 10 years.

"You need a laptop only to calculate a single neuron, so you need ten thousand laptops (to finish)," he said as reported by the Guardian and quoted detikinet on Friday (24/07/2009).

So to carry out the process, they chose to use IBM's Blue Gene super computer. Are they ambitious dreams will come true? Time will tell.

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