Saturday, May 14, 2011


Every inch a woman's body has been created with very beautiful. Therefore, no wonder if every woman's curves can invite men's sexual desire.

One part of the body that can be flicked the adam lust is the legs. A pair of legs, with calves like membuting rice is suppose to make him turn on at once if only to feel it.

Based on news reported by Mens Fitness, men often do not know that at the feet of women also have sexual stimulation points. Where is the point spread in the calf, foot, or ankle.

For that, you need to explore the area foot in many ways. For example, stroking with the fingers of the hand or with a passionate kiss on the calf pair. Do it gently and not in a hurry. If a couple appear vibrate, then you do the right way.

According to Mens Fitness, better man mengesksplorasi one point the most of a woman's sexual stimulation to reach the big O. This means, when your partner can not vibrate with the action you explore her feet. We recommend that you do not take the opportunity to explore other sensitive areas.

If not, chances are your partner closer ograsme can disappear instantly just because you're "itching" to explore other areas.

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