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The Way to Get Orgasm Within 60 Seconds

The Way to Get Orgasm Within 60 Seconds
Orgasms are sometimes unpredictable. The moment could come quickly, but there are also women who take a long time to get it. Want to try to orgasm quickly?

Here are four tips to achieve orgasm is less than one minute:

1. Relax

Most women feel tense during lovemaking. In fact, if we tighten the muscles and body, it will be difficult for you to reach climax.

As written by The Sun, research in the Netherlands found that women can only reach climax when there is no fear in him. Concerns are usually due to various causes, ranging from thinking about work until the children and household affairs.

To fix this, you try to calm yourself down for several minutes before having sex. Drag and exhale, can help you to relax. Do not think about things that actually make you stress. If indeed the mind is still there, finish it before the issue of new sex with a partner.

2. Foreplay

Once you feel relaxed, of course stages of love must begin with foreplay. Launched askdanandjennifer, foreplay is one powerful way to get an orgasm quickly.

If the current partner penetration, you are not 100% feel excited, it will be increasingly difficult to achieve orgasm. In fact that could happen, an orgasm that never came.

What kind of foreplay that can trigger an orgasm? According to experts, sex, 95% of women reach climax after receiving clitoral stimulation. So ask your partner to do so.

'Area is the area most sensitive clitoris than the vagina. So when get stimulation, could make women more passionate than vaginal penetration, "explains psychologist Dr Sex. Petra Boynton.

3. Sex Toys

Do not be afraid to bring sex toys in your intimate life with a partner. Most women who masturbate, can not reach orgasm less than a minute just to help themselves. But with sex toys, like vibrators, orgasm it can come sooner.

Sex toys, like vibrators really easy to use. However, most women think that a tool can only be used for masturbation, not with a partner.

For those of you who have never tried sex toys, the tool also can make sex life during the normal course, becomes again unusual. It could be time to try it, arises a sense of excited and curious.

When sex toys will try this, you should involve your partner as well. Invite a couple to look for sex toys what you both want to try. By doing this, besides the experience, you and he would be more intimate.

4. Change Schedule

Making love after a day of work and taking care of children and husband, chances are if you do that that will happen is difficult to reach orgasm. Fatigue is one factor that most known as a passion killer.

So rather than make love at night after you've tired day of work, why not try the new schedule. Nothing wrong with having sex with a partner lightning in the morning. In the morning when you wake up, the body usually has more relaxed. These activities not only be a new experience, but you also can get a bright smile throughout the day because of sex proved to be one way of removing the hormone oxytocin (hormone of happiness).

How, ready to try one of the four tips above?

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