Saturday, May 07, 2011

How to Cut Flowers Stay Fresh

Close to nature and the freshness is realized by entering a plant or fresh cut flowers into the house. Cut flowers did not last long, but if only survive 1-2 days, well certainly disappointed. Here are some tricks for more fresh cut flowers and long lasting:

1. When you are interested in a particular interest, note the first at the bottom of the trunk and press with fingers. If you feel hard and wet also means the flowers are still fresh. If you feel weak, watery, and smelled of flowers have meaning outside the refrigerator for 24 hours. Age interest can be seen from the power bars. If hard means new. Choose which have a clean rod tip.

2. Select flowers that are still in bud condition. Flowers bloom has a freshness of age who live a little, while the bud will last longer. At home, put in a vase, and flower buds will slowly bloom.

3. We recommend when to buy, you select the circumstances mahota interest rates still sealed paper or plastic cone, so makhota protected or not easily fall.

4. Estimate the time of purchase of flowers, if you still want to buy other purposes, you should buy fresh flowers on the final choice. The longer of interest is outside the container, the shorter the age of freshness. If you do not feel bothered, prepared in anticipation of containing water to maintain freshness of flowers age.

5. Prepare the vase or container for fresh flowers. Avoid cleaning the container with soap, because soap can change the chemical properties of water which affects the freshness of flowers. Then fill in sufficient water.

6. Before inserting flowers, clean the rod first. Dispose of mucus-mucus attached to the stem, remove all leaves that look wilted. Immersed in water just enough to stem, leaves should not be submerged. Because the process of cooking the food through the foliage leaving a residue of carbon dioxide. The residue can contaminate the water as a food plant.

7. To be durable, replace the water in the container every day. When replacing, check the stem below the flower, if you show signs of decay cut the stem about 1 centimeter.

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Atif said...

the freshness is realized by a fresh cut flowers in house then Close to nature.i really like your idea and fantastic work daily write the diary.
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