Saturday, May 14, 2011

Internet Apparently Can Prevent Senility

Use of the Internet not only serves as a channel of communication and information for the entire world, was able to prevent senility for Human Ageing (Seniors). It was revealed from the study at the University of California Los Angels, United States, which says 'searching' the web can stimulate the brain centers that control decision making and complex thoughts.

"Use of the Internet to improve and train brain functions, because control memory and visual resources will also work just as well as by reading. The control of visual memory and it also adds the power of brain activity to control the decisions and considerations in internet program," said Professor Gary Small, lead researcher, as listed in the American of Geriatric Psychiatry and computer articles.

The study involved 24 volunteers aged between 55 and 76 and half of them are Internet users and the rest do not. Each volunteer was treated brain scans while they perform web searches and book reading tasks.

Both types of task produced evidence of significant activity of the brain controlling language, reading, memory and visual abilities. Although, searching the Web to produce significant additional activity in separate parts of the brain that control decision making and complex thought, but this only to people who are users of the web / internet only.

The researchers said that compared to regular reading, the Internet asking people to vote on what should be clicked to obtain relevant information. However, they stated that new entrants to the web do not have the strategies needed to successfully perform a search the web / internet successfully.

Meanwhile, Rebecca Wood, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, said one middle-aged and elderly can reduce the risk of dementia brain stagnation, by taking part in routine activities that are mentally stimulating. "Web users or internet that can improve the logic and thought Dapa and reduce the risk of dementia," he said.

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