Saturday, June 11, 2011

Myths About Condoms

Still many people are reluctant to use condoms because the real reason is a myth. While condoms can prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) if one is unhealthy.

Condoms are protective gear while having sex which is made from materials such as latex rubber or polyurethane which one end is open.

Condoms are used to protect people from STDs (sexually transmitted disease / STD) such as AIDS, syphilis and others. It also helps couples to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Here are 12 myths about condom use:

1. Buying condoms is embarrassing
There are some people who think like that, buying condoms is a disgrace. If you are embarrassed to say 'buy a condom' to the seller, then you can buy condoms at the supermarket, so do not be ashamed to buy it.

2. Transmission of infection or pregnancy can occur even with the use of condoms
If you use a condom correctly, then it can minimize the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or prevent pregnancy.

3. Condoms must be purchased men
The logic is that memakailah a must buy. But in fact, more than 35 percent of consumers who buy condoms are women.

4. Using condoms affect enjoyment
Condoms are made thin, elastic and durable, which practically does not reduce the enjoyment at all. In addition, there is also equipped with a lubricant condoms especially with water-based material, which is recommended for those who have problems orgasm.

5. Using condoms painful
Almost all condoms have a silicone or water-based lubricants, which prevent pain when used. If you have experience pain during sex, then you should consult with a physician to perform a sexual health examination, rather than linking pain with condoms.

6. Sex without condoms is healthier because there is an exchange of hormones
It is true, to have sex without condoms to treat depression in women. But the negative effects such as unwanted pregnancy, abortion or sexually transmitted diseases may occur, and this could result in more unhealthy.

7. Married couples can have sex without a condom
Viral infections can not only be transmitted through sex bergonta couples, but also in public transport, swimming pools, a gym, and others. In the long term, Herpes virus can suddenly 'wake up', which are passively held by almost every organism.

8. There are two sizes of condoms, small (Asia) and large (the West)
Condoms can be divided into three groups depending on size, 48-50 mm, 51-53 mm, 54-56 mm. The length of a typical condom is 19-20 cm.

9. Awkward to tell the couple when to use condoms
Many people think that if they ask their partners to use condoms, they would be offended. In fact, the proposal is extra care on the health of their partners. In addition, the event of condom use, could be a special moment that will enhance harmonious relationships.

10. Using a condom is better equipped with the cream, oil or gel
That's not true. Despite the fact that certain gels and creams can cause itching, allergic reaction or burnt, they also may have effects that can damage latex condoms and lubricants.

11. All condoms have tiny holes, which can transmit AIDS
Condoms are obtaining sales permits must be tested hermiticity and inflammation, which proves the absence of holes in condoms.

12. Condoms interfere with sexual spontaneity
If you and your partner agree to use a condom from the beginning, then it will not interfere with spontaneity of your sex.

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