Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tips for Using Computers To Destructive Eye

Not only cause eye conditions become tired, staring at a computer screen too long can damage the eye. For it does not happen, here are some proper ways to use computers.

According to one study, a computer screen does not emit harmful radiation like X-ray or ultraviolet light. So, burnout is common when looking at a computer screen for too long not caused by exposure of the monitor, but by other factors, such as that quoted from lifemojo.

Another factor is the poor lighting, the position of a computer or other items that are not true. Excessive tension on the eye or the so-called Computer Vision Syndrome can cause itching or burning eyes, double or blurred vision and headaches.

Fortunately there are steps you can take to protect the eyes from fatigue and tension. It is most important and should be done is setting the computer position and lighting.

1. Keep the computer approximately 20-30 inches, or about an arm's length from your eye. Try to monitor parallel to the direction of your eye.

2. Tilt the monitor screen to the rear as much as 19 to 20 degrees. It is useful to obtain optimal visibility.

3. Adjust the monitor so as not to be too light or too dim glare. If the light is too bright, use a filter or anti-glare shield. Do not forget to set the brightness to get the right contrast between letters and background. If you see a flicker on the computer screen, you should immediately replace your monitor.

4. If required to read lengthy documents or use the computer for a long time, try to use a computer screen and a larger font size. It is better to use a LCD computer screen because it could be well received by the eye.

5. Use an adjustable chair a high-low and senderan back. Additionally, use pedestal desk job or a stable and not easily shaken.


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