Friday, April 29, 2011

Condoms Making Process

Condoms may not be the foreign goods for those who've grown. Contraceptives that are practical to use it was to go through a complicated manufacturing process and high standard.
If the beginning of the beginning of condoms made from animal intestines, fish or linen lining of the sleek, modern condoms are made of latex or natural rubber.
"90 percent of the remainder are made of latex and other chemicals to dilute the latex," said Tossaporn Nilkhambang, quality assurance manager at Thai Nippon Rubber escort condom factory visit in Thailand some time ago.
Before processing, pure latex is still shaped viscous fluid for several days placed in a large drum to be diluted with ammonia and other chemicals.
Then when ready, "dough" is molded into the form of a latex condom in a flattened tube-shaped device in a process called dipping (blowing).

"In the dipping process has been determined to be made condom size and shape. Machinery for making condoms are plain or have a different texture, "said Nilk.
After that condoms should be washed to separate the residue of chemicals. Completion of this place a condom and then dried using high temperatures for a stronger condom.
Only after that, the condom into the electronic test. "This is the most important part to see if any parts are torn or perforated," he explained.
Each condom must go through testing tool that has this ultraviolet light. Condoms are disabled are automatically discarded by the engine. "There is hardly a perforated condom can get away from this machine," he added.
Test blow
Additionally, this glove-shaped intrauterine device should also be tested elasticity of air is blown alias. "Tested to how strong these condoms exploded. Strength to accommodate the air can reach 35 liters, "he explained.
Before packaging, the condoms must pass through a machine again for the provision of lubricant. Lubricants are made from silicone oils can also be added aroma and flavor, like the aroma of fruit, mint, or flowers, according to market orders.
In general, condoms have up to 5-year period expired. "Actually, condoms can hold up to 7-8 years, but by the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), the age of condoms should not be more than 5 years," he said.
Expired condoms should not be used anymore because it was dry lubricants and powder coating effect contained in the condom will erode lateksnya.
Meanwhile condoms that taste and is generally given artificial sugar will expire in two years. "Sugar is in the condom can cause mikororganisme that will take powder coating. In addition, the aroma could be bad again, "he said.
In other words, this expired condoms will reduce the convenience of having sex.


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