Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Often Vitamin C Injection Trigger Stroke

 Vitamin C is often referred to as the king of vitamins, because vitamin C does have many benefits. In addition are antioxidants that can fight free radicals, vitamin C also plays a role in improving the immune system. Lately vitamin c also become a consumer to demand the appearance.

Doses of vitamin C the ideal is 75 milligrams per day. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should certainly take vitamin C greater than the amount earlier.

There is also the opinion enough to consume 200 milligrams a day. For people who live with stress or those who live in big cities full of pollution, such as Jakarta, a dose of 500 milligrams is a pretty good dose.

Not everyone is aware and willing to eat a healthy balanced diet. In fact, the habit is not directly guarantee the supply of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in the body adequately. Vitamin C is easy to encounter in their daily lives.

Conditions were then led to various options. For those who lack vitamin intake through natural foods, comes a variety of supplement products as the answer.

But too many people have difficulty taking supplements of vitamin C by way of oral (taken), such as patients with gastric disease. Then came another alternative to taking supplements of Vitamin C. One option was presented in the form of injections or injections of vitamins.

People increasingly are interested in trying injections of vitamin C for antioxidant properties of vitamin ini.Selain can boost immunity and speed up the healing process, will also make the skin look more beautiful and youthful.

Dose injections of vitamin C

Prof. Dr. Budhi Setianto, Cardiologist Harapan Kita Hospital, Jakarta explain giving injections of vitamin C may not exceed the recommended doctors, let alone too often. As injection of vitamin C with the objective of beauty. because after a long time will harden the blood vessels and disrupt blood circulation.

"Good blood circulation generated by the cooperation between the heart, blood and its components, as well as blood vessel itself. In the event of disruption in one of these components, then the blood circulation will be disrupted. As a result, the blood supply is inadequate and needs further can cause heart attacks, strokes or other organ function. For that, a smooth blood circulation is very important for our health, "said Budhi.

In addition, the possible negative effects are not necessarily, but in the long run can disrupt the function ginjal.Sebetulnya the most dangerous is when there is a rejection of the body during the injection, it can cause instant death.

"Injections of vitamin C in high doses required for persons who are chronically ill (flu) for quick recover stamina," said Budhi.

Meanwhile, Dr. Titi Moertolo, Specialist skin and venereal disease, adding that proper intake of Vitamin C we consume every day, only 50-60 milligrams (mg) per day. This we can get through the fruit we consume.

"With only one citrus fruit every day, actual intake of vitamin C is enough for us," he explained.

Another case with an injection of vitamin C. For a one-time injection, 4,000 mg of vitamin C will go into our bodies. This means that far exceed the normal dose that we should consume.

Dr. Titi does not deny that, skin appearance will be brighter, whiter even after five times the vitamin C injections This is because vitamin C inhibits the formation of pigment in the skin.

But the side effects could be far more dangerous. If it is too often precipitate vitamin C in the body allow for crystallization. Need to watch out also the formation of kidney stones that can cause disease. [Mor]

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