Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Secret of 'Hot Spot' Men

Generally men understand that the entire section on their skin is sensitive area, if touched by a woman. Then, touch your partner to become more passionate.

There are some specific places in the body of a man who can make them very passionate to you if touched. Sex expert Dr. Patti Britton reveals that men generally have three main point of the g-spot.

For some men, the third point of this hot spot phenomenon can menghantarnya to multiple orgasms. Not easy indeed to make him get multiple orgasms in one sexual cycle. However, at least you can make it fly into the sky with your touches.

As reported by the AskMen, the following point hot spot that could deliver him to the phenomenon of multiple orgasms.

This is a sensitive area man listed at the bottom of his penis. "The point of this guy hot spots when touched with the well could produce a great sensation on your man. Whenever you touch that point, it will make it very excited, "said Dr Britton.

This area is precisely located between the testicles and Mr. Dick Before you begin a relationship of love with him, this point should be your first stimuli. This will really give extra strong sensation in his passion.

Dr Britton said this point is the point man secret hot spots. So, do the soft touches in this section. In particular, excitatory this section when you perform oral stimulation, use with your tongue well.

Do the stimulation of the prostate. It made him feel great sensation. Dr. Britton gives suggestions for stimulating the prostate with oral stimulation. It could also provide stimulus gel or a specific lubricant.

Give stimulation in the prostate while providing a touch of a finger in her anus. Move your finger in the anus while give a touch of your time focused on his prostate.

Highly secured, would make him get the sensation of infinite. Do you improvise with the various points above the time of stimulation stimulation.


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