Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Really Sex Behavior Changed Under Age?

Sex is a topic that is always 'warm' for discussion. So is the behavior. Many myths tell of sexual behavior change with age. Really?

Sexual behavior will change according to age development. Sex therapist who is the author Sextasy, Tracey Cox, reveal changes in expression and sexual drive, both men and women, according to age.

Sex Age 20s

At this age, sexual desire difficult to control. Most can not even stop dreaming about sex. At this age, women tend to have even a very wild fantasy. Then at this age, both men and women still in the stage of trial and fun experimenting style lovemaking.

Sex Age 30s

According to Tracey Cox, at the age of 30's, people increasingly look for unique things for sexual intercourse. Many have started to dare to do so in the semi-open, for example in a tent on the beach or a restaurant toilet. There are things you are looking for erotic and adrenaline that can make sex more interesting.

At this age, Cox also revealed, many couples make the bathroom or bathub a favorite place for sex. They also more often play the role and use unique konstum before sex.

Pregnancy is also most common in this age, so, naturally reduced sex drive. However, Cox said that during pregnancy the couple could have sex five times a month 4-5.

Most couples hold sexual desire for about seven weeks after giving birth. But four months later, sexual relations are usually back regularly.

Sex Age 40s

The man who is not a healthy lifestyle, in their 40s may experience problems erectile ability. At the same time, they are very susceptible to infidelity. Men are also more frequent watching porn and sex chat.

On the other hand, women become very demanding in terms of sexual partner. Women are also often attracted to younger men. At age 40, female sexual desire may begin to decline, but do not "give up" just like that.

According to Cox, it could still have sex with a partner on a regular basis. This will keep the passionate desire to remain until the age of five entering the head.

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