Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 things you love to talk about when dating women

As a first date, talking about feelings will only make things awkward and uncomfortable. Should select four topics of this light to get a nice moment of beauty first.

As quoted from MSN, there are some who became a favorite topic of conversation when you're dating a woman, especially on the first date. This is her fourth topic.

1. Childhood
Stories of your childhood when you first learned to ride a bike or swimming might sound a little silly, but women like this topic. Sharing a simple story when the school you are quite satisfying curiosity of a woman.

"Women tend to be analytical about their own childhood life, so when you give a little story, he will gain insight about yourself and who you really are," says Linda Olson, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and relationship expert.

2. Your job
Nothing wrong to tell the life of many jobs as when you managed to get praise from your boss or even the stress of work piling up. Just like the childhood story tells you, the topic of this work can help women get an idea of ​​who you really are.

"Men often define themselves by what they do in life, and by talking about it, you show him another side of you that maybe he could not see," said James Sniechowski, Ph.D., relationship therapist.

3. The reason why you like it
This is the most preferred subject of women. Although he has often said that she had an attractive personality and a pretty face, but women prefer things that are more specific. Tell him that you liked the way she laughs or he has beautiful eyes.

4. Future
Share the stories about the future may provide clues to a woman if you and he is the right partner or not. "When you share a long-term goals and dreams, women not only look at how your personality really is. Women also get a hint whether he fits you in a long time," says Sniechowski.

Source: http://terselubung.blogspot.com

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