Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7 things bully smile

A smile is an asset that must be maintained appearance. However, despite our diligent brushing, the control to the doctor, even using tooth whitening products, it often appears that interfere with the appearance of brown stains. Know your enemy smile that made seven appearances so messy.

1. "Sport drinks"
Drinks that now dominate this market was not friendly to your teeth. High content of sugar which can lead to plaques that eventually lead to tooth decay and even tooth loss.
"Scientific research found pH levels in many products sports drinks can cause dental erosion because of high concentrations of acid compounds that can erode tooth enamel," said David F Halpern, President of the Academy of General Dentistry.

2. Tobacco
Cigarettes are able to leave a yellowish stain on the tooth, but still there are a series of other damage caused by cigarettes. Tar in cigarettes would lead to the formation of sticky coating on teeth that cause the acid-producing bacteria to breed. The high-risk smokers also suffer from inflammation of the gums and throat cancer.

3. Pregnancy and puberty
Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy and puberty can trigger inflammation of the gums causing gingivitis characterized by swollen and bleeding gums. The study also linked the risk of preterm delivery in women who suffer from gingivitis. Prevent this with a good personal hygiene. Routine brushing teeth, especially in pregnant women who experience morning sickness, highly recommended.

4. Hot drinks

Your hobbies consume hot drinks can be a culprit why you are not a brilliant smile. "Coffee and tea contain compounds that can cause dental plaque," said Halpern.

5. "Soft drinks"

Habit of drinking soft drinks are high in sugar will cause tooth cavities easily, infection of the gums, and brownish stains on the teeth.

6. Diet
Strict diet and unhealthy eating patterns will cause the body to vitamin deficiencies that needed to get the beautiful smile. Some of the nutrients essential for healthy teeth and gums, among others, is a B vitamin, folic acid, protein, calcium, and vitamin C.

7. Dry Mouth
Dry mouth not only causes the breath smells, but also can damage the teeth. This is because saliva serves to clean the hole causing bacteria and neutralize acids in the mouth. Increase production of saliva by eating enough water, chewing sugarless gum, or using a toothpaste containing fluoride.

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