Tuesday, April 26, 2011

7 Terms So Masculine Men

Masculine men are not characterized by a muscular body. For most women, the body is decorated muscles everywhere even less attractive. When a handsome face? Hmm ... is relative.
Handsome face if accompanied by 10 "requirements" listed below can be shown he is a true male. So, what are the 10 conditions that?
1. Self-Confidence and Fair: In the eyes of girls, boys are less confident is not a real man. Believe in yourself and accept what is alias honest, cheesy as anything, that's the main attraction.
2. Have a Sense of Humor: The girls have a tendency to regard the man who had a sense of humor is more masculine. In fact, men who never come to the gym can be masculine, as long as it's funny!
3. Bodied Perfume: Do not forget to shower twice a day. If your body does not smell bad, the girls were going away quickly. Therefore, do not forget to wear deodorant or perfume after bathing, before exiting the house.
4. Sports: Sports, do not have to like crazy, which is important to make the body fit and no limp. Funny thing is, according to many surveys, those who diligently ran clan swim instead of less favored girls.
5. Appearance: Facial expressions and appearance of men to determine whether it is masculine or not. Frankly, for the criteria that one is very different in the eyes of one girl with another girl. So, depending on taste. Just do not pout!
6. Polite and Respect: Sounds a little strange, but this is one of them. Most women like it if there are men who treat her like a princess. Just open the door has been making women's flowery and your masculinity immediately skyrocket!
7. Got Purpose of Life: Many women do not like men who go alone, not clear where to go. Men who have a target will make women feel safer and serious look at the man.

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