Wednesday, April 13, 2011

9 Tips for Keeping Kids Stay Safe in Internet

1. Go to their online world

Parental involvement in children's online life is very important especially considering the children are now familiar with the Internet. You should know the scope of their movement, make sure you also know the 'theme park' them to another. Make sure they are surfing the internet safely.

2. Make the Rules

The boundless freedom in online activities will bring adverse effects to children. It would be better if you make rules about the length of time online and what sites are allowed or not allowed them to visit.
You can talk about it with them, including talking about the consequences if they violate these rules. Put the rules near the computer so they always remember.

3. Teach They To Protect Privacy

Children are not fully aware of the consequences of indulgence in personal information. Well, your task was to make children aware of a number of actions such as:

        Never give your name, phone number, email address, home address, school or photos without authorized.
        Never open emails from strangers.
        Do not respond to messages that interrupt.
        Never met a man who is known through the internet.

4. Do not Ignore Location

Instead of letting your son use the computer in a private room, put the computer in a public place. This will make it easy to monitor usage.

5. Be Companions

Encourage your child to tell you if they find the things that made him uncomfortable. Reassure him that you will not be excessive, blame or surf forbade ria.

6. Working with ISPs

If possible, work with Internet service provider (ISP) you. Usually they have free parental controls that can restrict children's access to certain sites. Parental control software is also widely available on the Internet for free.

7. Maximize your browser

If your ISP does not have the skills above, you still have a safe option in the surf in your browser. For example if you use Internet Explorer, Content Advisor program can you find in Tools> Internet Options> Content. He will refine the language, sex and violence on the Internet.

8. Setting Search Machine
Search engines (search engines) like Google offers a filtering that can be clicked in the Preferences / SafeSearch Filtering. When he turned, he was able to block sites that contain sexual content.

9. Identify a Safe Website for the Ancient of

You can find sites that are suitable for age son with such varied content about movies, music, history, science, and others.

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