Wednesday, April 13, 2011

10 Causes of Yellow Teeth are Not We Realize

Ever thought why our teeth yellow?? But we never missed a rutin.Jangan brushing toothpaste directly blame because there are 10 of the following that cause yellow teeth.

1. Herbal tea
Keeping the slimness of the body and health with herbal tea became a common practice lately. The body felt fitter, and more slender.
However, it turns out this herbal tea to bring side effects that are bad for teeth.
Those who regularly consume herbal teas tend to have yellow teeth. Responding to this, Japanese researchers, as reported by Dailymail, suggested that consumers prefer herbal teas green tea.
Content of catechins in green tea are believed to suppress acid-producing bacteria in the tooth, so the yellow teeth more easily prevented.

2. Drug Eyes
Perhaps bloggers confused, what is the relationship eyedrops with yellow teeth. However, these eye drops is one of the causes teeth to yellow. Chemical constituents in eye drops reduce the production of saliva.
Where will neutralize the acid saliva in the mouth. Because the amount of saliva is reduced, automatically the acid in the mouth will increase. Here bacteria will breed more rapidly, so that the teeth become yellow.

3. Swim
The study conducted on 500 people swimmers mentioned that 66% of the swimmers suffered damage to the teeth and yellow teeth. This is because the high chlorine content in the water pool.
Chlorine is affecting the pH of the water that cause acid content is higher. For that, do not forget to brush your teeth after a swim.

4. Tooth whitener
How can even make your teeth whitening teeth turn yellow? Turns out the workings of teeth whitening is not as simple as we think. Most, bleach teeth working with erodes the tooth.
And often, worn teeth whitening at home, does not work optimally. Instead of bleach, they even erode the teeth, making them brittle and yellow.

5. White Wine
Apparently white wine actually gives worse effects for the teeth. "White wine more quickly erode the teeth," said Dr Paul Ashley, director of dental health institution, the University College Hospitals.

6. Brushing teeth after eating sweet
I was so afraid there are bacteria living in the tooth, then we rush to brush your teeth after eating sweets. Really this? It turns out this is precisely wrong. After the process of chewing, the mouth tends to be acid.
Currently teeth eventually neutralize the situation by issuing mouth to protect teeth enamel. If a rush to brush your teeth, the enamel will be wasted and free of bacteria actually growing.
Therefore it is advisable to brush your teeth at least 1 hour after eating sweets.

7. Diabetes
It is undeniable that the disease this one is donating effect of yellow teeth, brittle and even porous. Unfortunately, many diabetics are unaware that this disease also affects the state of his teeth.

8. Cigarette
In addition to diabetes, smoking also makes your teeth turn yellow. The content of nicotine in cigarettes causes the chamber mouth becomes acidic, the nicotine-nicotine bound to the element teeth and stay on the walls of the tooth. No wonder if those who smoke is almost difficult to have a clean white teeth.

9. Energy drinks
Having been made to replace the energy and salts lost during exercise, then sports drinks are equipped with the sugar and acid.
Based on the study conducted the University of Birmingham, found that energy drinks are corrosive than mineral water.
Chemical substances contained in energy drinks tend to damage and erode the teeth.

10. Opening the packaging with my teeth
Because of strong teeth and no scissors around us, so we decided to open the packaging with my teeth. STOP this behavior!
No we know, this habit will make it easier tooth brittle and weak. When the teeth brittle, the color will not automatically healthy and tend to turn yellow

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