Wednesday, April 13, 2011

7 Signs Relations Couple Got Chemistry

Many people describe as feeling disconnected chemistry with someone (not necessarily a lover). Although the new encounter, you feel have long known. However, signs that not only chemistry. Without your awareness, you have shown symptoms that you are "disconnected" with the guy you target this. The signs are even more subtle than that kind of thing.

You want to know whether you have chemistry with the him? Amy Spencer, author of Meeting Your Half-Orange: An upbeat Guide to Dating Using Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match, reveal the seven signs that you will build a good relationship with that person:

You become clumsy and awkward
You feel awkward, then tapped his pencil on the table or chink-dentingkan glass. "When you have a serious chemistry, your body increases production of norepinephrine which is the connective nerves," says Helen Fisher, Ph.D., anthropologist from Rutgers University. Fuss, it actually makes you clumsy, unable to coordinate the brain and hand movements, even causing minor accidents are embarrassing. According to Dr Fisher, is a good sign. Because if you do not care how he's assumption about you, you will not care about the absurdity of doing.

You become better able to see more details
Previously, you're not watching someone with such detail. However, suddenly you can see how he's little finger nail looks split, or there is a small mole on her neck. According to Niko Tinbergen, an expert on German Ethologist and Nobel laureate, this occurs because of increased dopamine levels and make you able to mark this Pesemua. Tagging makes you focus on one person more clearly, and most do not observe important details of the individual. Everything looks so unique and special.

You become more compromise
Chemistry that actually makes you more tender than usual. Do not be surprised if you then become more compromise with your date, compared with others. You do not mind though had to walk farther along as long as the he. Suddenly you agree watching slapstick comedy films that were not to your liking. Or, try foods you previously avoided.

"When you fall in love, you are more easily give up the boundaries so you can be united with these people," said Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of Keeping the Love You Find.

The room looks brighter than usual
Eckhard Hess, an expert from the University of Chicago biopsikologi say, when you see something, or looked at someone who causes the feeling of being positive, or emit a special interest, your pupils widen to capture more images. As a result, the eyes were catch more light, and the room was so appear brighter.

You feel more anxious
Repeated stroking arms, patting her leg, or feel restless during a date place, it is a good sign: you really like this guy. "It's called displacement movement, which you do when you're trying to decide what should you do with yourself," says Dr. Fisher. "You know, when someone smiles at you, but you do not know for sure have to smile back or divert the face, then You play with hair. "

This happens because the brain has suffered over-stimulation, which makes you remove the excess energy with a little tidy appearance. Some other experts say that the groping arms or legs indicate a subconscious desire to touch the people you encounter.

Forget to eat
When you think you have chemistry with someone, you are so fixated on what you're talking about, to forget to touch the food that was served at the table. You did not think about food, and this is not because you feel tense. The reason is the rising levels of dopamine, which triggers feelings of desire. "Higher levels of dopamine to give a light feeling, increase energy, and felt a minor ecstasy. And you are not hungry!" says Dr. Fisher.

You think you have much in common
You do not feel the passion of this man, but more interested in the various similarities between you and him that you find. Chemistry that occurs in the workplace, for example, according to Dr. Hendrix, due to emotional centers in the limbic system in your brain to recognize the character of the him, which is similar to the character of the person you are caring for a child. For example, you feel comfortable with the humor that was brought up the other person, because similar to the way you interact with your dad.

"The similarity of this intense trigger the release of dopamine, which produces a feeling of 'wow'," says Dr. Hendrix. When the feeling comes, you also become more physically attracted to him.

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