Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blood Not Mark Virgin

Doc, I want to ask about virginity. Is virginity was marked by the discharge of blood at the time of first sexual intercourse? Are there women who do not bleed at all when having sex the first time, whether he could say was not a virgin?

And if a woman riding a motorcycle, wearing high heels, go up and down the stairs that could affect the loss of virginity? Thank you for your answer. Lysandra, 26, Jakata


The terms virgin and not virgin, is determined by whether or not ever having sex. If you've had sexual intercourse, is called not a virgin. If you've never called a virgin.

Women who first had sexual intercourse should not bleed. Depending on whether at that time he aroused enough or not. If not sufficiently stimulated, especially accompanied by feelings of fear, there will be bleeding. But if enough aroused and without psychological barriers, the bleeding will not experience bleeding.

So irrelevant associate status with the loss of virginity virginity in the sense of virgin membrane rupture. Women who masturbate by using tools that are inserted into the vagina will experience a vaginal tear.

However, she remained a virgin because they have not had sexual intercourse. Regarding the tearing of the hymen by riding a motorcycle, using high heels, and walked up and down the stairs, there is no scientific report that states that.

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