Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Beauty

By: Hyperbaric Medical Solusindo
You certainly do not want anyone to look older than your age, right? Premature aging is usually marked with striped skin, wrinkles, sagging, pigmented and textured. The aging process can also lead to the emergence of various diseases and organ failure.Lack of oxygen
Many of us do not know how important oxygen to damaged tissue to heal properly, both in the skin, muscle or bone. The skin needs oxygen to stay healthy because the oxygen helps produce collagen, elastin and other products needed to get healthy skin. Increasing human life span, worsened kapilernya circulation vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients that reach the skin cells is reduced. This leads to dehydration of the skin.
At the age of 30 years, oxygen levels have declined by 25%. At age 40, the oxygen content is reduced by 50% and the high pollution can lead to loss of oxygen is higher. Normally, the skin will renew itself every 28 days, but if not enough oxygen and nutrients in the body, then the cell reproduction process will be weakened or new skin cells become unhealthy. This can lead to premature aging of the skin characterized by striped, wrinkled, saggy, pigmented and textured.
Aging is also associated with increased frequency of mood swings, short term memory and slow in answering. These are some examples of the effects of aging in most people. In addition, the aging process also resulted in the emergence of various diseases and organ failure.Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
One of rejuvenation therapy which is considered good for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT / Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is often used alongside the anti-aging medicine (anti-aging). With anti-aging treatment, people can look and feel younger, although age is growing. Antiaging treatments can help reduce the risk pengakit associated with aging.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is the process of providing 100% oxygen to patients in a pressurized environment. This is done in a special room known as hyperbaric rooms and specially designed so immune to the pressure inside is increased. The purpose of the delivery of pure oxygen into the chamber is delivering a number of oxygen into the body that will assist in the rejuvenation of tissue.
Advantages of HBOT treatment combined with anti-aging medicine is the delivery of high concentrations of oxygen to the treated area, so that the postoperative healing process can be accelerated. Healthy cells quickly reappeared and the patient will feel like a complete make-over.
Duration and cost for each treatment varies, depending on the patient's medical condition. Patients must undergo a number of checks before doing respiratory therapy to maintain adequate tissue oxygenation. Clinically, the primary goal of oxygen delivery is to overcome the state of hypoxemia in accordance with the results of blood gas analysis, to reduce the breath work and reduce myocardial work.Benefits of HBOT
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment was originally used to relieve divers of a danger known as the "reduction of disease pressure" or the bends that occur due to nitrogen gas bubbles begin to form in the lungs - lung, tissue and blood flow when the diver rises to the surface of the water. As a result, blood flow can be obstructed and blood vessel damage that can lead to death. Hyperbaric treatments reduce the negative effects of nitrogen.

Oxygen therapy plays an important role in treating post-operative healing process, improve medical conditions and improve the overall health of individuals.
Or randomized trials are often conducted thorough research to further explain the known role of hyperbaric therapy in medicine to treat diseases, such as difficulty concentrating, sensitive, autism, and migraine. When distributed to patients, HBOT brings good changes, such as reduced bubble size, hyperoxygenation, vasoconstriction, angiongenesis, fibroblast growth improve, stop the toxins, and increase the body's natural antibiotic.

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