Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Teach Children How to Respect Other People

Having boys who grow into real men as adults later, became the pride orangtua.Dengan become a true man, he became a role model a caring person, responsible, and treat the family, children, and her partner, with both . This personality was born of proper care early on, including the planting of respect for others.

"Boys who grow up with the attitude to listen to others, especially parents, to obey the rules, and interact with a loving attitude, is authorized him to have a good personality, he can treat others with great appreciation," said Michael Gurian, author of The Purpose of Boys. "When a boy becomes a man, full of attitude of respect for others has become part of her personality, which comes naturally," he added.

To inculcate respect for other people on the child, especially boys who need different treatment, there are two steps:

1. Regulations make children learn to behave.
Regulation of essential household created. Because through these regulations children learn discipline and know how to behave and respect others. If your boys violate the agreed rules, such as talking with bad language, teach the consequences of his behavior.

"Boys will appreciate a firm figure. If you spoil the boy, let him not undergo the consequences of misbehavior, this child will not always motivated, and ultimately he will be spoiled and do not care about other people," explained Gurian.

2. Give a good example.
Parents are the source of children's learning, so that needs to be a good example. One way, treat with either another adult who is close to the life of your son. Like the children's teachers, coaches, parents of friends you boys. By treating the people in the circle child's activity, he will learn how you behave, says Gurian.

If any conflict between your child with people today, find a good solution to end the conflict. "Do not take sides fully to your child, but also listen to both sides. Even though you know that your child is in the right side, but explain that being rude to teachers is bad behavior that can not be tolerated," he explained. Then say to the children, "Father or Mother will talk with the teacher you to resolve the problem. If there are problems like this again, You must be a story with a father or mother, and do not talk bad about the teacher you," said Gurian menyontohkan.

Through this way, parents teach children about how to wisely resolve the problem, with emphasis on respect for others.

Source: WomansDay

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