Sunday, April 17, 2011

Too Much Laughter Make No Sharp Memory

Research shows, memory decline as a person too much to laugh or be in a happy mood.

This phenomenon may explain why people become a little forgetful when in a party. For example, when exchanging telephone numbers with old colleagues in a ceremony full of laughter, if not recorded will often forget as soon as I get home.

Another case when a math teacher who sternly told her students memorize multiplication arithmetic-hutingan. A tense silence sometimes it makes the mind sharper, making them easier to memorize the multiplication of 1 to 100.

Research conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Martin of the University of Missouri shows that positive emotions such as joy and pleasure instead reduce the ability to remember for a moment. However, negative emotions did not automatically improve memory.

In the experiments done, Dr Martin involve a number of volunteers who were divided into 2 groups. One group was shown some funny videos, while another group was shown a video tutorial that is sure boring tile installation.

After watching the video, all pastisipan undergo a series of tests to measure memory. The test was a series of numbers given orally through earphones, and participants were asked to name a few number in the sequence.

Compared with participants who watched a video tutorial tile installation, participants who watched more funny videos made a mistake. The difference is significant enough that Dr. Martin concluded that positive emotions can reduce memory.

"But positive emotions do not always bad. Although memory decline, someone who has a positive emotion usually just have a problem solving (problem-solving skills) are more creative," said Dr. Martin in his report in the journal Cognition and Emotion, as quoted from Medicalnewstoday, . detikhealth

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