Sunday, April 17, 2011

This He alter Breast, Plastic Surgery The Most Wanted

Request operations to improve breast shape, either enlarge or reduce the increase in the last 10 years. In contrast, other cosmetic surgery like liposuction and nose formation tends to decrease.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently reported, a request to enlarge the breast surgery in 2010 reached 296,203 or up 2 percent from 2009. Even when compared with the data 10 years earlier, it rose 39 percent.

Request to reduce breast size also increased to 82,871 or up 6 percent compared to the year 2009. It's just that when compared with the previous 10 years, that number decreased slightly to around 2 percent.

These data show, surgery to correct breast shape is relatively the most popular in the last 10 years when compared with other types of plastic surgery. Changing the shape of nose surgery, eyelid repair and liposuction has decreased.

The amount of reduction in interest to perform plastic surgery in the last 10 years is as follows, as quoted by the NY Times, Wednesday (03/23/2011):

  1.      Liposuction, down 43 percent
  2.      Improving the nose shape, down 35 percent
  3.      Improving the eyelids, down 36 percent
  4.      Face-lift (alter the face of total), down 16 percent.

The decline of interest in various types of cosmetic surgery caused by technological developments which present a different procedure safer. Noninvasive procedures such as surgery or without botox injections, laser currently more attractive than cosmetic surgery.

Demand for various non-invasive procedure also showed an increase in the last 10 years, are as follows:
  1.      Botox injections, up 584 percent
  2.      Removal of wrinkles, up 172 percent
  3.      Removal of fine hair with a laser, up 27 persen.detikhealth

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