Sunday, April 17, 2011

8 Ways He Breastfeeding So Prepare Yourself

Breastmilk is the best food and drink for babies. You are now pregnant, you should prepare yourself to give milk to your baby. Here are tips to prepare for a nursing mother, as reported from Fit Pregnancy:

1. Have a friend supporters. By having friends who are also breastfeeding, everything will become easier. Do you have a place to share stories as well ask if there is a problem.

2. Find out where there are lactation counselors or experts who can you ask about the process of breastfeeding. It is highly recommended you find out about this second point from the beginning, before the baby is born. Sure would be easier to find now than when you are accompanied by a baby who was crying in her arms.

3. Get to know your breasts. The purpose of this third point, find out more detail about your breasts, if her nipples get into, is there any peculiarity in the area. By understanding your own breasts, while in consultation with lactation experts, you also already know what's going to be asked.

4. Make plans for at the beginning of birth, your life becomes easier. At the beginning of his birth, breastfeeding is really going to take your time. Will occur 8-12 times in 24 hours time breastfeeding the first baby's life. Usually a prolonged interval between each feeding time. With tersitanya time to take care and nursing baby, you would be hard to do other tasks.

5. Find out what treatments you might get during childbirth, including drugs used for epidural. These drugs can affect the ability of breast-feeding a baby. If you get an epidural or other medication, extra patient on nursing infants when the first moment does not go smoothly. Ask an expert if necessary. Pump your breast milk until the baby is also able to suckle properly.

6. Do not have guidance or assistance to breastfeeding when the baby is finally born? Do not worry. Your baby is what will help. Previously find out first how to breastfeed the newborn. Newborn babies are usually fed automatically be requested. If you look, the baby put his hands in his mouth, trying to take clothing or turned his head to look around for the nipple, it means he wants to nurse. Do not wait for the baby cries hard to give him breast milk. Do not also schedule a time limit or breast-feeding a baby.

7. Before giving birth, make sure your maternity hospital where supporting the IMD (Early Initiation of Breastfeeding). By doing IMD, in the future, nursing will become easier.

8. Do not ever hesitate to ask for help if there are problems with breastfeeding such as, the swollen nipples and nipple confusion. Immediately look for a solution to this problem for the future, you can enjoy moments of breastfeeding your baby. Congratulations menyusui.wolipop

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