Sunday, April 17, 2011

Parents Smokers Do not Sleep with Baby

Smoking when the baby was not in the room does not mean your baby free from the dangers of cigarette smoke and nicotine. Studies show that babies who slept in the same room with parents, especially fathers smokers have a nicotine content of 3 times higher.

Studies conducted BIBE (Brief Intervention in Babies Effectiveness) and published in BMC Public Health shows that babies who slept in the same room with parents smokers show nicotine levels 3 times higher than babies who sleep in separate rooms.

Danger lurks not only active smokers or passive smokers (second-hand smoke) is directly exposed to smoke, but also the passive smokers who do not feel the smoke directly or called the third-hand smoke, such as infants or children.

Third-hand smoke can feel the dangers of nicotine from particles that stick to clothes, skin or furniture, which can still be left with high levels of nicotine. This is why parents are smokers should not be sharing a room with her ​​baby.

This is the conclusion of a study conducted in Catalonia, which also showed that ventilation bedroom is not effective in reducing levels of toxins in secondhand smoke (second-hand smoke) and third-hand smoke.

"Secondhand smoke is a major cause of child mortality in developed countries, "explained Guadalupe Ortega, author of the study, as reported by Topnews on Thursday (31/03/2011).

Ortega explained that the study was conducted to highlight the exposure to cigarette smoke at a very vulnerable age group in private spaces.

The study involved participants from 96 of the primary health center in Catalonia.

The researchers interviewed parents of 1123 infants (under age 18 months) who have at least one parent smoker.

The researchers also analyzed the hair samples from 252 infants to determine the levels of nicotine and conduct follow-up visits three and six months kemudian.detikhealth

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