Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Health Tips During in Vehicles

Vacation should be a pleasant experience. Vacation is the perfect time to clear mind, enjoy life and the 'left' all the trouble and anxiety for a while.

But being too eager to prepare a holiday, we often overlook things to do while traveling in a vehicle. For the moment vacation undisturbed stamina less fit, you also must take care when on the go. Here it tips.

1. Stretch Muscles
Launched by Helium, when traveling by air transport, sea or land, get used to wake up from your chair and stretch the muscles every hour, for five minutes. Stretch your arms and legs, and if possible, try a little stroll on the deck of the ship or aircraft corridor. This is useful for helping blood circulation so that you are not sore or tingling during the trip.

2. Take Drugs that You Need
If you suffer from serious illnesses or allergies which can arise suddenly, it is very important to bring all the medicines you need. Bring medication in quantities little more than normal doses, just in case.

3. Do Excessive Caffeine Consumption
It is important to limit intake of caffeine during the trip. Eating more than two cups of coffee or tea bad for the nerves and can cause extreme tension, especially if you travel for hours.

4. Eat Lots in Small Portion
Keep always your stamina with frequent meals, but in smaller portions, as quoted from she knows. In addition to maintaining body condition, frequent meals in small portions also help you avoid jet lag when I have to travel to areas with differences in time far enough.

5. Sleep
Take advantage of time to sleep as much as possible. Sleep whenever you feel the drowsiness will give time for the body to rest, although only 15 minutes. Sleep also helps you save energy to stay healthy and active during the trip.

6. Drinking Enough Water
Dehydration is usually the most common problem, but can be dangerous on the move. Lack of fluids can cause lethargy and weakness. Therefore, make sure your fluid intake is adequate for the vehicle.

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