Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The characteristics of positive thinking

Seeing problems as challenge
Compare this with the people who see problems as trials of life that are too heavy and make the most of his life so miserable world.

Enjoying life
Positive thinking will make someone accept the situation with a big heart, although not mean he did not attempt to achieve a better life.

Open mind to accept suggestions and ideas
Because then, maybe there are new things that will make things better.

Get rid of negative thoughts as soon as that thought crossed my mind
'Maintaining' negative thoughts too long can be likened to awaken sleeping lions. Actually it's okay, it could even cause problems.

Appreciate what he has
And instead of complaining about anything that does not have.

Do not listen to gossip uncertain
Certainly, good gossip consort with negative thoughts. Therefore, listening to talk that there was no end is a behavior that shunned the positive thinker.

Not to make excuses, but make direct action
Ever hear the pun NATO (No Action, Talk Only), right? Well, they are obviously not a believer.

Using positive language
That is, the sentences that sound optimism, such as "This problem must be resolved," and "She's talented. "

Using positive body language
Among them is a smile, walking with firm steps, and expressive hand movements, or a nod. They also spoke with a tone of friendly, enthusiastic, and 'live'.

Care about self-image
That is why they are trying to look good. Not only outside but also inside.

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