Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easy Ways Eliminate foot odor

Do not ignore the smell of foot odor. It was not just going to make you look disturbed, but also can attack confidence. Do not trigger panic, this is how to overcome them.

1. Note the cleanliness of the foot. Sometimes, the smell that arises is due to bacteria and dirt that gather in the foot. When a shower, get used to scrub clean your feet. Do not forget to clean and trim toenails regularly. Not infrequently, the dirt on toenails that causes foot odor problem. Try also to choose an anti-bacterial soap to clean the feet.

2. Avoid bare-foot habits. Same barefoot allow bacteria and dirt lodged in the foot. Get used to wear special slippers for the feet remain shielded room.

3. Clean your shoes and socks. Do not wear the same socks for days without washing them first. So also with the shoes, wash your shoes at least twice a month.

4. Choose the correct shoe size. Wearing shoes are too tight will make the skin hard feet to breathe. Germs and dirt had settled and cause a bad odor.

5. Excess production of sweat on the legs is also one cause of foot odor. You can overcome them with foot soak in lemon water or tea in the water. Tea and lemon to reduce sweat production in the foot.

Good luck!

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