Saturday, April 30, 2011

4 Steps to Managing a Black Leather Axilla

Having black skin which sometimes armpits make women less confident. But there are tips to make underarm skin became whiter and smoother. Here are some steps you can follow.

First of all who need to realize is, the skin of the armpit is one of the most sensitive skin. To take care of anything that needs special attention. skin care tips quoted from Carefair armpit can help you.

1. Exfoliation
Black skin in the armpit can be a collection of dead skin cells. For that, you have to do is to remove all those dead skin cells and replace them with new ones. Some beauty products provide a special cream underarm skin that you can use. Naturally, exfoliation can also be done by rubbing the skin of the armpit using a sponge bath or a loofah. By rubbing, will provoke skin cells to form new layers that have been damaged.

2. Choosing a razor
Armpit hairs are trimmed to perfection will not block pores and make the surrounding skin blackened. To avoid this, choose a quality razor. Never use a blunt knife while shave her armpits. Waxing can also be a good solution, because this method could be plucking the armpit down to the roots, so do not fall behind in the skin of your armpit.

3. Choosing a deodorant
Deodorant of your choice could be the cause of menghitamnya skin around the armpit. Perhaps the content in it does not match your skin so that makes it black. Rather than risk, you can prevent underarm odor with a 'natural deodorant'. After bathing, use baking soda on your armpits. Baking soda can also kill odor-causing bacteria in the armpit.

4. Skin whitening
Some brands of beauty products also issued a special whitening underarm skin. You can also try it as a solution. Want a natural? Use lemon juice in your armpits every shower. Lemon juice is a natural skin whitener.

Good luck!

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