Monday, April 18, 2011

Beware of Dehydration When Pregnant

Water needs during pregnancy and lactation tended to increase. Therefore, pregnant women and nursing mothers should pay attention to their drinking water intake to prevent deficiencies that can lead to disruption of the body.

"In pregnancy, especially in the third trimester pregnant women need more fluid intake, especially when the physiologic voiding disorder that occurs due to pressure on the bladder by the enlarged uterus," says Dr. Iman Budi Santoso, SpOG (K) in a press conference hydration and Health at the Gran Hotel Sahid Jaya, Friday (18/03/2011).

Dr. Budi add dehydration or lack of fluids in the body can cause a number of disorders during pregnancy are mild acute dehydration and chronic mild dehydration.

Acute mild dehydration can cause oligohidroamnion (a little amniotic fluid), disorders of the fetus and the long delivery time. While the chronic mild dehydration can cause stones in the urinary tract, urinary tract infections, constipation and high blood pressure.

"In general, the increased water demand in order to support the fetal circulation, the production of amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid) and blood volume increases," said the doctor who served as Chairman of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Faculty of medicine RSCM.

The range of the amount of water required is quite large considering pregnant women face different conditions. Some studies give different recommendations. This is because water demand is influenced by various factors including physical activity until the temperature in the environment.

Even so the general recommendation for pregnant women is to consume 8-10 glasses per day, equivalent to 2.5 liters, while for nursing mothers is suggested as many as 13 cups per day, equivalent to 3 liters of water.

"Water that enters the body is not necessarily from the water only, but the food consumed is usually contains 20 percent of the overall body of water intake. The rest met from direct water intake," said the doctor was born in Jakarta, September 5, 1954.

For nursing mothers need to get more water intake. This is because the water that enters the body works to meet the nutritional needs of infants delivered through breast milk. Therefore, nursing mothers should be encouraged to get sufficient drinking water. It is recommended to drink a glass of water every meal and every time breastfeeding.

"Drinking water is very important for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, so do not wait until thirst arises. As well as choose the source of drinking water is safe and well," said dr Budi.detikhealth

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