Friday, April 15, 2011

Beautiful with Unique Way

Vinegar in your hair? Vaseline to eliminate callus on the foot? It may sound a little crazy and ridiculous, but believe me these funny things really useful.

1. Powder in the hair
Hair starting to look sticky and you do not have time to wash it? Easy. Pour the powder into a comb, then comb your hair. Powder will reduce the oil in the hair so that makes more subtle.

2. Perfume in the air

Spray your perfume in the air, then walk through it. Affected hair smelled perfume would smell all day

3. Heal callus with Vaseline

Take a little petroleum jelly, put on socks before going to bed. Wear socks, the petroleum jelly will help loosen the callus (callus) in the leg overnight.

4. Heal blushing

If the face is flushed after exercise (even for hours afterward, when you are healthy and drink enough), take an antihistamine like Benadryl when you leave the gym to reduce redness.

5. Soften your body with avocado

Take a ripe avocado, remove the skin, break in the basin, and apply to the body. Leave in 20 minutes then rinse. The skin will feel smoother. Indeed, the avocado is a natural moisturizer.

6. Maximize body lotion with baby oil

If the body lotion you are less able to heal skin that looks cracked, add a few drops of baby oil, then apply for extra moisture

7. Freeze eyeliner

If eyeliner is easy to fall apart when applied to the eyelid, keep the eyeliner in the freezer for 15 minutes before use for robust and easily when applied.

8. Waterless soap

A fragrant bar of soap can be used for anything. Keep in storage cupboard underwear, of course without water, for making it smells 'delicious'

9. Tea bag to the eye

If your skin is sensitive or irritated skin and form pockets visible eye for some reason, take a bag of green tea, dip in hot water. Allow one to two minute wait for a bit cold then put on your eyelids. Content of antioxidants in tea will relieve inflammation.

10. Vinegar for hair

Mix one part vinegar with four parts carbonated water, keramaskan on dry hair. Leave for 15 minutes before using shampoo to produce beautiful shiny hair.

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