Friday, April 15, 2011

7 rules seek jeans

Jeans are one of the best clothing to be used as investment. The jeans are nice and strong can be paired with a variety of ways to the events semiformal and casual style. Strong pair of jeans can be worn for a long time, making it a good piece of clothing to be used as investment. But unfortunately, not all right for our jeans. See tips on choosing the right jeans so no regret from Clinton Kelly, host of What Not to Wear.

1. Try, try, and try again
If you're like most women, you must have trouble finding the right jeans. A survey conducted by the motherboard Moms reveal, about 70 percent of respondents said should be tried at least 4 or more pair of jeans before getting right. Fashion consultant and host of What Not to Wear says, there are some women who have tried at least 20 pair of jeans. Sure, try pants is important, but keep in mind, do not be shy to try a lot of pants.

2. The focus on size, not the label
Do you think a particular brand of pants will have the assurance that any buyer would find satisfaction. Not always so. You could just see the pants on a model whose body was roughly the same as signing your body shape, and label the type of pants that say certain types of matches such as what kind of body, that information is pretty good, but you still have to try before buying. Because, every maker pants have different definitions in interpreting the types of pants, along with the size of seams, including the width of the openings at the bottom of a wide boot cut pants.

Unfortunately, currently there is no universal measure to be followed by the designer jeans. You could wear a size 25 in one brand, but on the other brands you would wear a size 28. Do not mess around too deeply about the size of it. Remember, women have a range of about 3 sizes from one measurement to the sizes of different brands. When in doubt, bring about 3 different sizes of jeans in the dressing room while trying.

3. Dark colors
Jeans in dark blue will help more neat and elegant look than the bright blue jeans. Colors can be easily paired with other colors will make you easily switch styles from noon to night just by replacing the boss alone.

4. Alert details
Notice the details that exist in your pants, especially the effects of distress, such as white strokes on the thighs, knees, buttocks, or hips, would attract immediate attention in the area. Dull colored dots that will make the part look bigger. So, carefully choose berdetail jeans.

5. Pants "Mom's Jeans" is not a choice
Characterized by a high-waisted pants, bright blue, the calf a bit tight, and the thighs and buttocks are a bit baggy pants that fall into the category of "Mom's Jeans". Women love this type of underwear because its shape is quite broad. Part buttoned waist high and fairly large in the buttocks, so it can cover many parts of the body, but the problem, although covering the body, these pants do not give the illusion of the body beautiful.

When searching for pants, make sure you come up with positive thoughts. Know your body shape will change according to era. Do not look bad to your body just because of the size of your pants is no longer the same as the size before you give birth. The body will continue to change. Accept it, and believe that there is a perfect jeans for you.

6. Avoid the area of ​​adolescent
Just because you want to avoid the "Mom's Jeans" does not mean you can wear pants that are designated for teenagers. The teenager is on the experiment. Children adolescents and adults is the period before the search for identity and style preferred. Although you have the same size with your teenager, does not mean trendy jeans for teens that are right for you. Wearing blue jeans for teenagers will only make you look older. Better to look for jeans that modern, elegant, and neat.

7. With the exact matching

Blue jeans with sneakers like Converse does look classic and cute bears student-student, but do not try matching jeans with athletic shoes (sneakers) for daily activities. The reason? Because you give the impression of not trying to dress up. It seems you are just looking for the easiest way out.

Note also the type of jeans you wear, make sure you always use the right underwear, which will not "peek" behind you.


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