Sunday, April 10, 2011

7 ways to treat youre hair

to you and who has a dull Hair Loss and the following are tips and ways to Grow Lush Hair and Healthy Buddies: 

1) Reduce or avoid the use of shampoo with a foam that is too much. Because that has foam shampoo contains a lot of pH 7 to 8, which can damage the skin's natural acid head around pH 5.5. PH imbalance can disturb the healthy growth of hair and cause hair loss. Try to replace the shampoo with a low-foam formula, or use baby shampoo because it generally does not contain detergents.
2) Conditioner useful to counter the alkaline nature of the hair. The nature of acid in the hair cuticle conditioner will close to normal. Conditioner also provides oil to the hair and make it more radiant. Although the hair is actually producing oil, but the long hair, the oil was not until the end of the hair, and this is one for conditioner.

3) Frequently massaging the scalp. Massaging the scalp function to help facilitate the circulation of blood. The blood will go to the capillaries to deliver food for the roots of hair. Bow your head when to shampoo while massaging the scalp. This can help your brain get better oxygen intake which can help you concentrate better.

4) Take a supplement containing vitamin B6 and Zinc, especially if you do not get the intake of these nutrients from food. Vitamin B5 and B6 regulates the production of sebum, oil that lubricate the hair follicles to produce healthy hair shaft.

5) Reduce the consumption of coffee and soda, replace it with a fruit smoothie drink that is rich in B vitamins, such as bananas, strawberries, mango and kiwi fruit so that the intake of vitamin B will multiply. In addition, excess caffeine in your body will actually eliminate the reserves of vitamin B5 and B6. Nuts and wholegrain rich in zinc are also absolutely consumed to cope with hair loss.

6) Limit the use of chemical or physical treatment of excessive hair. The hair is colored, in-Rebonding, dicatok, or tied and dried using a hair dryer has been torturing your hair so the hair becomes stressed and more vulnerable.

7) Avoid stress, because stress can trigger hair loss. Try to sleep enough for your body to get enough rest. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol. And avoid too strict a diet or an unbalanced diet, lack of protein intake will also reduce the rations of protein nutrition for hair growth.

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