Sunday, April 10, 2011

14 How to / Tips Easy To Aging

Maybe you are busy with all the routine every day often do not pay attention to health, and appearance. Many People who think that looking at the Top Money is everything so people who work hard fact that even stressed, attacked by receipt, and his face became visible Very Old. Here are Tips for Young Workers Holic be durable:

1. always feel happy Being happy is one of the main keys to still look young. In every activity, keep what you do with what you want. Avoid stress, feeling guilty because of coercion pressure others. Remember, what you feel will be reflected on your face. So, people who are happy, his face will look radiant, relaxed and younger than actual age.

2. Much move Exercising is a way for youth. Do jogging, brisk walking, bicycling and swimming about 30 minutes each day. With exercise, the risk of heart attack, osteoporosis, and cancer will shrink. Regular exercise can increase muscle flexibility, strengthen bones, and reduce stress, because the body's cells get more oxygen. You will sleep soundly.

3. use vitamin C Vitamin C can you get from fresh fruits (especially citrus), green vegetables (broccoli, etc.) or vitamin C supplements of 1000 mg per day. Vitamin C is proven to increase endurance, reduce the risk of cancer and protect the body from the effects caused by pollution. In addition, drink water. Drink 8 glasses of water per day will reduce stress, maintain the freshness of the skin, and facilitate the work of organs.

4. Use UV protective Sun is one of the main factors causing premature aging. Therefore, always use a moisturizer lotion regularly every day, especially when traveling, to keep skin fresh, moist and not sunburn, especially ultraviolet (UV). enough Humans need at least - least 8 hours every day to sleep. Rest is useful to avoid the formation of lower eyelids, facial wrinkles and dull skin.

6.Note appearance Appearance and makeup also plays an important role. Although age continues to increase, remain the kind of cosmetics you use. Use make-up to the impression of natural light while maintaining the condition and type of your skin.

7.Optimist People who are pessimistic are always no-confidence, easily discouraged, and never pay attention to appearance, which can result in depression. So, try to become an optimist in all things, because this will make your life will be healthier and happier.

8. Drinking Aspirin This wonder drug not only helps relieve headaches and fever, but also reduce the risk of contracting a stroke, heart attack, memory deterioration, wrinkles and even cancer can be overcome. "All age related arterial disease, and aspirin to help reduce the increasing age the arteries.

9. Sex Intimate with your partner at least twice a week to make you look younger and make you can apply a healthy sex. Roizen said that health experts emphasize that sex can make us look younger as well as reduce stress and take advantage of the biochemistry that arise during orgasm. "We do not know if you enjoy your sex life, you unconsciously will reduce the risk of injury, cancer, even aging arteries," he added. This program can turn back time to 1.6 years.

10. Do Floss If your dentist recommends you to frequently - often using dental floos so you look younger and help you prevent gum disease in the region. Roizen adds use dental floss every day to prevent strokes, improve memory and prevent heart disease, because the habit of using dental floss to reduce the growth of bacteria that grow in our gums. This program can turn back time to 6.4 years.

11. Have a pet Roizen adds in addition to rarely suffer from headaches, fever, or other chronic infections, and even pet owners tend to avoid a heart attack. Why pet owners can create a healthy and youthful increases, because the owners always take care of animals and train them and these activities into their routine so that sleep and wake schedule becomes more regular. This program can reverse the time to 0.9 years.

12. Eat blueberries We are not discussing apples and oranges - all fruit is good for our health but the berries provide more nutrients per calorie than any other fruit. "Berries are a natural antioxidant pills," said Roizen. One half cup of berries gives us five times higher antioxidants than other fruit. In addition, blueberries also contain Vitamin C, rich in fiber, and ellagic acid which is believed to prevent cancer. This program can turn back time to 1.6 years.

13. Weight training Roizen believes that weight training is only about 30 minutes once a week may slow age, besides making our bodies stronger, flexible and make the skin look tight. If that weight loss is not your primary target, may strengthen muscles and improve posture can make an excuse to have a fit body. This program can turn back time to 1.7 years.

14. SociallyMaybe you think spending time at home with reading will make you more youthful than spend time in the city. As long as your social life does not involve drinking - drinking too much, the reduction of hours of sleep and reduce cigarette puff can make you look younger. "Socialization is the way to reduce stress," says Roizen. The more you socialize with your environment the more chance you to slow down your age. This program can turn back time up to 2.3 years
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