Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tell This Secrets On youre Couple

Ghiboo.com - Every individual must have some secrets in his life and may not be known to others. But once you have a commitment with someone else, whether it's a boyfriend or a spouse who is married, another story.
Try not to hide secrets from your partner. If your partner aware of the other person, it will ruin your love life happy. So, it is best to tell this secret before its too late.

Here's a secret you should tell your partner, who quoted from Boldsky on Thursday (16/8).

saving you
This is one of the hidden secrets of a man to take care of themselves. But, after marriage it would be better if your partner knows your savings. So, it is best to tell the secrets about your finances with your partner.

inner mind
You have to share your inner experience with your partner. This pair will easily understand each other and build closeness.

your weakness
If you share your weaknesses with your partner, you will feel comfortable and your partner vigilant with it. For example, you are irritable weakness, the couple already know and can understand it.

Your last partner
Not everyone shared this secret. There is a common saying "Let the past be past." True, but if you do not feel safe to hide your past, then express. Make sure your partner is a positive person and open.

your virginity
The secret is always hidden to everyone. Do not think that hiding will not make your partner do not know. If your partner discuss it openly, you no longer need to hide it.

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