Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow, Scientists Develop Orange Mutant

If you are not fond of orange consumption due to have a lot of seeds, do not worry because now that scientists have developed a mutant containing a little orange seeds.

Compared to oranges which usually have 15-30 seeds, orange mutants that only have 2-3 seeds. Seeded varieties are known by the name KinnowLS. LS mean low-seeded, which means less seed.

This is the eighth orange developed over 10 years by scientists at the University of California at Riverside, United States. They describe it as a fruit juice that is greater than mandarin oranges with a thinner skin and smooth.

One orange mutant consists of 10-11 parts and soft fleshy orange. Orange was developed from a mutation of mandarin oranges, Kinnow.

Professor Mikeal Roose RooseMikeal, head of the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences, with the team to develop new citrus varieties. "Everyone loves a very sweet fruit. Therefore, the discovery of citrus KinnowLS very pleasant."

Previously, there was the same varieties of sweet orange with KinnowLS, but lower quality, orange flesh is too soft. Planned, citrus types will be marketed to the public five years mendatang.inilahdotcom

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