Saturday, April 09, 2011

Slipping Through My Eyes Time Value

These are all the time
Something that we try to remember him as what?
As the sweetness of cotton candy pervasive in the life
As the bitterness of coffee without sugar recorded in the sense of taste
or maybe
As a combination of all configuration flavors combined into one

It's all about love
Try to think how much love has saved your life many times. How did he come back to you after you almost lose control of yourself. How he came to fix a chaotic relationship. And how she made ​​you feel that you are the happiest people in the world.

But who really love and time? Perhaps the mystery will be answered, if you understand the following story ...

Once sector in small island remained abstract things like love, sadness, wealth, happiness and so forth. They coexist well.

One time a storm comes lose the small island and the sea water suddenly rose and will soon drown the island. All the inhabitants of the island quickly escape immediately. Love is very confused because he can not swim and not have boats. He stood on the beach to seek help. Meanwhile, the water rose and began to wet the feet of Love.

Soon Love to see the wealth being pedaled boats. "Wealth! Wealth! Help me! "called Love. "Oh sorry love, my boat has been filled with treasures own. I can not take you as well, this boat will sink. Moreover, there is no place anymore for you 
this boat . "

Then quickly Wealth paddling his boat away. Love was so sad, but then he saw with joy over his boat. "Fun, help me!", cried love. But the excitement was too excited to find a boat so he did not hear the cries of Love.
The higher the water soaked up to his waist and cintapun began to panic. Soon after Lebanon passed Beauty. "Beauty, take me with you", shouted Love. "Oh Love, you're wet and dirty, I could not take part. Later you pollute this boat, "said Beauty.

Love was so sad to hear that. He began sobbing. It was then that through the sadness. "Oh Sorrow take me with you", said Love. "Sorry Love, I'm sad, and I want to be alone ..." Grief said he continued to pedal boat. Love is getting desperate, he saw the water rising and will soon sink. At that critical voice, "Love, let's immediately go up my boat. " Love turned to the sound and saw an old man with his boat. Quickly, he climbed into the boat just before the water drowning.

On the island nearest the old man down Love and immediately left again. That's when Love realized that he did not know who the parents who had saved it. Love immediately asked the old man kapada population on the island, who is actually the old man. "Oh, the old man just now?, he was Time," these people said. "But why did he save me? I do not know him. Even the friends who knew me were reluctant to help me, "Love said in surprise. "For waktulah only knows how the real value of love ...".

Well, buddy, if anyone among you who know, how the real value of love?

Or, just waktukah who knows .....

"Falling in love is Pls she falls asleep in your arms and wakes up in your dreams, but Sometimes only time who knows."

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