Monday, April 18, 2011

Marriage Makes You Rich

Be thankful you are already married or are planning to continuous marriage in the near future. Therefore, marriage can make you richer than when I was single.

By marrying, you can combine the amount of revenue, reduce expenses, and creating additional opportunities. But financial stability can be achieved if you and your partner have a clear plan and a long commitment.

Well, here are some financial benefits to be gained from the marriage:

Improve credit score
If a couple have very good credit score, you may be able to see significant improvement with your credit score. And vice versa.

If done wisely, married couples can combine their accounts in order to get a direct increase in available credit. It's good to see a copy of your credit history the two parties and improve the negative points before putting a name on each account.

Get favorable loan bid
Two sources of income due to marriage increases your chances of getting an offer loans than ever before. Dream home you want can be obtained with a history of joint income, so the loan process may be easier with a better price.

But a bigger opportunity to come with greater responsibilities as well. Create a number of details about how you will pay the loan, and think about strategy if in case either party can not contribute financially in the future.

Improve financial stability
Having two sources of income certainly better than just one source. Having a partner to support you when problems arise, is one of the best benefits of sharing life with someone. Even though one party decides to stay home to take care of the family, there's always the possibility of being productive.

Newly married couples should define long-term plan to make their job skills and resume still look good, even though not used. So, you can re-enter the world of work if necessary and continue to get social security credit when they retire.

Combining expenditures
Some costs will probably remain the same for both of you, either before going even after marriage. But, for certain budget categories such as shelter and cable television bills, the costs will be lower because the number of claims divided by two.

Share the benefits of work
One of the most obvious benefits of marriage is instant access to health insurance and benefits from the company where the couple work. Health insurance, life, and disability may be obtained within 30 days after marriage. (MI /***)

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