Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Night Trick More Memorable and passionate

The first night should be a special moment for you and your partner. Moreover, when the time was the first time you will have sex with a partner. However, often times the first night no longer be a first for lovers. One of them may be because this is not the first marriage for you and your partner. Thus, you will not feel the excitement, or curiosity, like when did the first time.
Well, for the first night this becomes even more special than your previous night, try to follow the following trick.

Separated first
Previously, trying to make a deal with a prospective husband to not have sex before marriage. How long time, depending on the agreement you both. The longer, certainly more fun. Or, perform an intimate relationship without intercourse. In short, make each other curiously and impatiently waiting for the day H. Promise not to violate agreements you have made.
Change your contraceptive
Changes in this very simple guaranteed to make you like the first time to do it. Remove the condom from the list of to-do-list you for this first night. It must be much more different than usual. You are accustomed to using birth control pills, or whatever, will feel the change.

Wear accessories
Sounds silly, but maybe fun also if you wear again a few trinkets or accessories in your wedding party. Whether it's tiara, tie, corsage, or anything that could enliven the first night session. You never know when the couple appeared to have a particular fantasy when you wear such an accessory, right?

Choose a new place
For the first night, of course you always imagine the beautiful sex, which is too orderly and beautiful. However, there are no rules to matters that one, and again, who knows if you can feel more excited when you do not do it on the bed? You can roam around the house, or hotel (if you spend the first night there). Whether it's in the bathtub, on the couch, on the table, and so on.

Previously, anyone who cares no musical accompaniment or not? Music in your bedroom is usually the alarm or wall clocks. So, why not try to create a special playlist for this special moment? You can choose the soundtrack from the scenes of your favorite romantic movie. Invite him to compile the soundtrack, to ensure there is no song that turns out he did not like.

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