Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First Kiss More Memorable Than Sex

The presumption that the first night not easily forgotten seems not necessarily true. The scientists found that no one can beat memorable first kiss.

First sexual experience is often referred to as the most beautiful thing and can not be forgotten. But apparently the scientists discovered the fact, that most of the women given the 90 percent of their first kiss experience than when losing virginity, as reported by the Daily Mail.

But this information is quite complex, so researchers, Sheril Kirshenbaum wrote a book about it. In his book 'The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us' written down, he saw a kiss to how to achieve goals and move on to another session. But instead, she saw a kiss to assess the future of a relationship. This often leads to miscommunication.

The author is also a researcher at the University of Texas is, performing experiments to measure the magnetic currents in the brains of men and women when viewing different images of people kissing.

In kissing, men tend to be more aggressive. They deliver testosterone through kissing done. It will survive long in the body of a woman and causing her to fall in love.

Source: http://www.wolipop.com

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