Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Broken Heart make Pain Physical

Researchers found that a breakup can trigger reactions related brain areas of physical pain. That is, out of love not only hurts emotionally as well physically.
Columbia University researcher Edward Smith said, at the time humans evolved, the refusal of a group can make people feel vulnerable.

"Perhaps this led to an association between rejection and pain," said Smith.
Smith and colleagues conducted a study in Manhattan with online advertising on Facebook, and Craigslist in order to seek a breakup of participants experienced in the past six months. As many as 40 people willing to undergo the study states.

Participants were then scanned her brain using functional resonance imaging (fMRI) and alternate view photos of friends and former lovers. When viewing the photographs, participants were asked to recall experiences ever experienced together.

The researchers found, the physical pain-related brain react when participants were given a bad breakup experiences. "Rejection is painful," says Smith.
The team is also looking for techniques to reduce emotional pain, including therapeutic methods. Further, Smith advised not to consume aspirin when the pain of broken love 'attack'.

"An hour later, you could be re-thinking about that person again," he said.

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